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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snow scenes

Last year I got to know Pinterest, and I must say that I am addicted now. Among the many things which I have seen and liked, there was a Christmas decoration which I absolutely had to make! Snow globes. Not the ones you take and shake to get the snow to fall, one that stays standing and looks pretty without shaking, without water. Here is the original, or at least the one I based myself on.

And here are pictures of mine. I made four of them, one for my parents, one for my in-laws, one for the oldest of my sisters and one for myself.

* Ikea brandy glasses
* Candles
* Four old CDs
* Four cork coasters
* Felt
* Some wooden characters
* Fake snow (I wasn't quite satisfied with the one I found but it did the trick nevertheless)
* Hot glue pistol + normal DIY white glue
I first glued a large circle of felt underneath the CD, then a cork coaster. On top of the CD, to mask the hole, a smaller circle of felt, and then I fixed the small characters. I then filled a bit the glass and used white glue around the glass rim (I tried with the hot glue pistol but it was cooling too quickly) and did stick the CD onto it. Turned the whole thing up-side-down, put a heavy weight on the foot of the glass and waited until the glue was dry.

One needs to then handle the decoration with care as only a very thin surface is glued, but the result was stunning.

I absolutely love how the CD gives an extra shine to the whole thing! and the small patch of felt in the middle just looks like there is a little bit of grass to be found under the cold snow.

What do you think?

Oh and by the way, all the wooden decorations used are handmade in the region of Germany where I live. I especially like the small deers!

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