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Thursday, 23 January 2014

It is winter for the dolls too!

Both my children have dolls, although for now only my little girl takes her doll for walks outside to the park, I thought I'd make a fleece suit for both dolls. 
Very simply, I drew the outline of the dolls for the back part (leaving generous space and adding another centimeter when sewing), then for the two front pieces, I used the same size from the shoulders down making sure to have a large overlap.
For Little N.'s doll I drew the headline far too close to the head and could not get a fitting hood. I therefore did a suit without hood (which does not matter since she - the doll - has a hood on her jumper!). The overlap makes it easy to dress and undress the dolls and the suit can be closed without a button, zipper or whatever other closing system ^^

We finally have snow and cold, so at least the dolls are ready to brave the outside weather!

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