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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Felt Christmas Decorations

Here are a few things I made before Advent started, my parents-in-law found them in their calendar while waiting for Christmas:

 I made two of each stars, the one with beads is my favourite. The picture does not really do it justice, but it looked just brilliant! It took twice as long to make it as it took to make simple decorations, but it was well worth it!
The candy canes are made of red felt and I used white ribbons around it.
What would I do without my biscuits cutter? ;)

And now something I found on Pinterest again! I found it really nice (although I prefered to change the colours to something a little more to my taste) and I am already thinking of making my own pattern for next Christmas. I made this for one of my sisters who now has her own small flat and no Nativity scene yet.

 I made a small modification to the original pattern: Baby Jesus can be taken away or put back on thanks to a small Velcro band.

This way, during Advent you do not see him, and on Christmas night you can bring him and put him in Mary's arms :) (it is a tradition in my family to hide Baby Jesus during the time of Advent)

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