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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Felt Chocolate-Strawberry Cake

Back again with something new in my daughter's kitchen! I experimented for Christmas! Although she rather likes it and does bake a lovely cake now, I am not satisfied with it and will need to re-think my pattern and the way I make the cake. It is far too plump and the different layers do not sit nicely on top of each other.

I guess we all make mistakes, especially when trying something new!

To make a chocolate-strawberry cake, you need: a chocolate base
Then a layer of strawberry cream
Cover it with melted chocolate

And top it up with a delicious strawberry
Bon Appétit from N.' kitchen!
 I liked the idea of stacking elements on top of each other with velcro band rather than having the four cake pieces attached to each other. A little less stuffing will probably help already, and I am even considering replacing it altogether with a piece of foam. Let's see how it goes in the next weeks ;)

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