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Friday, 31 January 2014

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 7: Quarkkäulchen (Guest Post)

I am happy to share the recipe sent by a new participant to the Challenge, thanks a lot Elke!
Sächsische Quarkkäulchen

This is a very traditional dish served in the eastern part of Germany, in the federal state of saxony. I tried to translate it but without a lot of success ;) Quark is the german word for curd cheese and käulchen is the form of the dish - at least that's what I think.
But anyway...let's get started.

You need:

500g curd cheese
600-700g potatoes
2 Eggs
appr. 200g flour
raisins - if you like them....we don't, so we didn't use them

For the dough you need to boil potatoes with their skin on the day BEFORE you want to serve the Quarkkäulchen. So cook the potatoes and peel their skin of while they are still hot - when they are cold, it doesn't work. Then mash them how you would to mashed potatoes and leave them in the fridge waiting for what will come the next day.

On the next day add the other ingredients...curd cheese, eggs and flour and prepare a dough.
 And now comes THE secret for good Quarkkäulchen. The amount of flour you have add is an approximate value. It has to be enough to become a dough but not too much because then the Käulchen will be like leather and not very nice.
Then heat some oil in a pan and put the dough in. The easiest way is to get the dough with a spoon, put it in the oil and then flatten it using the same spoon. It's a bit sticky, but the taste it's worth the pain. ;)
Turn the Quarkkäulchen around so that the whole thing will be really nice and brown outside. 
Use all the dough and then serve it with apple sauce and/or sugar.
Our four year old loved them so much he ate 5 or 6 of them all by himself. Another funny thing is to try to see different shapes in the Quarkkäulchen - so it's also a fun meal for the kids.



  1. Oh yummy !!! I'll make that on Saturday. What's curd cheese though?

  2. I think it is called Cottage Cheese in the UK, maybe in Ireland too?