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Friday, 31 January 2014

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 7: Aligot

Here is my recipe for the January Cooking Challenge! A recipe from the southern part of Central France: Aligot. It is a delicious mix of cheese, garlic and mashed potatoes!

Aligot for four persons


* 1kg potatoes
* 400 gr Tomme (French cheese)
* 200gr crème fraîche
* 2 garlic cloves
* salt, pepper


* Boil the water
* Peel the potatoes and the garlic. Cut the potatoes in large pieces and put them in the boiling water with 1 garlic clove for 20 minutes.
* In the meantime, cut the cheese in thin slices.
* After the 20 min. take the clove out, mash the potatoes with a bit of the cooking water in order to obtain a nice consistency.
* Add the crème fraîche with a wooden spoon.
* Put the potatoes back in the pot without the water. Warm it up on low heat and add quickly the cheese while mixing vigorously. The aligot then forms a sort of "ribbon" when you let it run from the spoon.
* Add salt and pepper
* If it is not tasty enough, you can crush the second garlic clove and add it to the aligot.

Bon appétit!
 Even our 1yo enjoyed it ^^


  1. I love the last picture ;-)
    Where can I find a not-too-pricey Tome in Ireland.. that's the question !

  2. No idea, we didn't find any on the day we went shopping, so we got a german cheese which was as tasty as possible.
    Do you have Marks&Spencer or Waitrose in Ireland? You might find Tomme there...