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Monday, 27 January 2014

Cheese plate

I was born and raised in France. My children are only half french, but cheese and bread is an essential part of our food life (especially since my husband is a cheese-lover too!). I have been sewing a lot for N. and T.'s kitchen but so far they only had one box of small cheese pieces.
This weekend I finally got round to making them four pieces (decent pieces) of cheese:

The orange one is a "Mimolette" (one of N.'s favourite), the yellow is an "Emmental", we also have a "Brie" (I am glad I thought of keeping a label) and a "Bûche de chèvre cendrée" (a goat cheese roll with ashes - my personal favourite). The smallest one belongs to another box which I made a while back: Roquefort cream cheese! Yummy!

All four new cheeses fit in a small box which I found on Saturday :)

I need to get on with making some bread now!

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