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Monday, 13 January 2014

Baby Book - Finally finished!

The story of that books started in July 2011, if you remember I posted about it here and there. Then again I mentioned it in October 2012 in my Unfinished projects post. Now I am pleased to say that I was able to finish it and give for Christmas not to my daughter, N. to whom it was intended in the first place, but to my son, T. , who is will turn 1yo tomorrow. Both Little N. and Baby T. like the book so I am happy with it, but I swore to never make another of those books (... at least for now :-p )! 

It was a lot of work and my fingers got hurt quite a lot. It was my first book (probably my last) and I made several mistakes. The first and biggest one being the number of pages and thickness of the book!
The final assembling of the pages did NOT work with the machine, I had to do it by hand. Ooooh the pain when the needle goes deep into your finger on the wrong end (not the pointy bit but where the thread goes!)... 

Anyway, here are a few pics and a short video of my work. I am still quite proud of it ;)

Textures, colours and sounds. Everything is gathered to please the eye of a baby/toddler!
 Small word of advice: do not use hot glue on an acrylic mirror ^^ - if you pay attention in the middle the mirror has a defect - well that was the result of hot glue on the back of it!
Oh and I know that my lion isn't really great, but I didn't have enough of the fake fur to make it surround the head properly. I guess imagination can work a bit here ;)

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