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Monday, 27 January 2014

A travelling doll house-pouch

Do you remember me showing you this image some time in November last year?
Well, that was for this project found via Pinterest (no surprise there, is it) - a mini doll pouch. I did not have a pattern but I found the idea absolutely brilliant! The lady who invented it is a Genius!
With many mistakes, I still managed to get it done for my niece as a Christmas present. 
I love that space to tidy everything in! This way (in theory at least) the child does not loose the small elements when going around.
Let's take a closer look at the small elements:

A mini tutu (pink!) with elastic band so it can be put on and off rather easily. 
The tiniest teddy bear I have made so far.
Same again, this is the smallest ball I have had to sew.
And my baby boy, big fan of balls, tried to steal it!
That's it for today. I think my niece really likes her new toys, and I will probably make Little N. the same thing for her third birthday :)

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