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Monday, 14 October 2013

Baby T.'s Baptism

At the end of Summer, our son, Baby T., was baptised in France. It was a wonderful family celebration and we had a lovely time. In addition to that Baby T. behaved really well and didn't cry ;)

For the occasion I have sewn him an outfit. A shirt from this pattern:
 But instead of buttons and buttonholes, I used press-studs. It was so much easier to put on and to take off! I must say I was proud of the result, I did everything careful and it did pay off!
To the shirt I added a bloomer and some shoes. And finally we re-used the white dress which I had made for Little N.'s own baptism (see the article there). I am hoping to pass on the white dress to my sisters and to my children and make it a traditional family dress.

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