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Monday, 30 September 2013

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 4: The Recipes!

Here we are, our recipes of the month!

* Myself: Cauliflower-Broccoli Curry
[Sorry no image]

* Steph was generous this month, she published two recipes!: Tarte aux Mûres et Galette de Céréales

* Ghyslaine: Croustillants de légumes et viande des grisons

Session 5 will end on October the 31st. Who will be participating? Spread the word about the Challenge, I'd love to see more than three or four recipes each months ;)

Participants for Session 5:

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 4 - Ghyslaine

 Croustillants de légumes et viande des grisons.

100 grs de lardons
3 carottes-1 tomate
1/4 de poivron orange
1/2 courgette
sel poivre cumin paprika
2 cuillères à soupe de crème fraiche 
100 gr d'emmental rapé

Couper les légumes en dés, rissoler avec les lardons. Laisser cuire une dizaine de minutes.
Placer dans les moules , couvrir de fromage rapé puis du mélange oeuf-crème (battu de façon homogène). 

Tasser légèrement, puis saupoudrer de chapelure. Enfourner pendant une vingtaine de minutes.

Servir avec une tranche de viande des Grisons et une salade verte.

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 4: Cauliflower-Broccoli Curry

We are now end of September, it is time to reveal the delicious recipes tried this month! For once I must say that I do not have a picture... Sorry about that! But the dish was delicious anyway ;)

A Cauliflower-Broccoli Curry

500g Cauliflower
500g Broccoli
1 Tablespoon red curry paste (we used Tandoori paste instead)
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
400ml Coconut milk
200ml Water
3 Tablespoons soy sauce
2 Lemon leaves or half a handful of lemon balm (we used lime juice and basil leaves instead)

Cut the cauliflower and the broccoli into pieces, peel the trunk of the broccoli and cut it into pieces as well.

Heat the curry paste and the brown sugar in a pan, add around 100ml coconut milk and stir it altogether until smooth. Then add the veg with the water and the remaining coconut milk and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Stir from time to time.

Season the curry with the soy sauce and the herbs and serve it with cooked fragant rice.

PS: one can also add some thai basil leaves to the dish.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Little N.'s second birthday!

How time flies! I can hardly believe that my little girl is already two years old! 

And she got loads and loads of presents! You can see there and there what I had prepared. But there was a change of plan. Indeed when packing I realized it was an awful lot. So I kept three small presents for Christmas (two of the pasta boxes and the chocolate box).
The suitcase is part of the present. It is called "Trunki" and is meant to be a hand-luggage on which the children can roll and play while waiting at the airport.We used it already the day after her birthday and she just loved it! It is the perfect luggage to keep children amused while waiting.

One box of pasta, the mini mouse box, the pencil case and a an ice cream set! All that in addition to a small kitchen and all sorts of presents that she got from her two families :) I guess we can say she was spoiled ;)

Ice cream anyone?

It is the current fashion at the playground to make pretend ice-creams and my little N. loves it. I remember last year that the fashion was baking cakes ;) 
So because they love it and because it is a hot summer, for two children (my 2yo and her little friend) I made those delicious looking ice-creams! A rather large choice of flavours for both of them and chocolate waffle cones with a piece of velcro band. Nothing more to write really, just enjoy the pictures!

Actually, one little drawback: the velco on the cones is too high, so the balls tend to wobble a bit. I don't think that will disturb the children though.


A few months ago I was telling you about a Facebook page and then a blog: Feufollette Créations. The blog server has now been changed and you can find the newer and better version there:

A lot of pretty things are presented for the whole household :)
Feulollette Créations (8)
Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cooking&Baking Challenge - Session 3 : The recipes!

Hi everybody! 

I know I am pretty late but in my defense I was extremely busy last weekend with my son's baptism followed by our return home. Now, we had three participants for the session 3 plus myself. So here are the four recipes:

Isabel: A Cottage Pie

Now, who is in for Session 4?

I already have:

* My usual self

* Steph

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gardening for children

Have you ever wanted to do some gardening with your children without them getting very dirty and full of soil?

If so, then this little garden is for you! I found the original idea there and asked the author for permission to use her idea without buying her pattern since I wanted to make it different. She did accept. That means that I can now present you this piece of hardwork that I have sewn with a lot of love for my goddaughter, little H. She turned 3 last month. She is such a big girl now!

Here I've had to do a bit of last minute patching up! I had cut the side bands a little too short!
I cut two orange semi-circles of 9cm diametre, then cut them in two each and I obtained four carrotts. Same again with pink felt but 7,5cm diametre and that was the radish. To be honest, I do not remember the size of my cabbages... I had an attempt with a 4cm circle but it gave me a very small cabbage, so the three others circles were bigger.

For the soil patches:

x3 = 7x17cm rectangles for the bottoms
x1 = 10x20cm - cutting four 1,5cm squares on the four sides to obtain a 7x17x1,5 patch
x1 = 15x25cm - cutting four 4cm squares on the four sides to obtain a 7x17x4 patch
x1 = 17x27cm -  cutting four 5cm squares on the four sides to obtain a 7x17x5 patch

The two highest patches (4 and 5 cm) have four holes in which I included a case of the shape and size of the vegetable that would come inside.

The box:

 x1 = 30x21cm / x2 = 21x6cm / x2 = 30x6cm

The lid:
x1 =  21,5x31cm / x2 = 21x3cm / x1 = 31x3cm

The watering can was made randomly with scrapes of felt and the little figure remains without a face on purpose. At first I wanted to make it all pretty and fully dressed, but in the end I opted for something which would leave more room for imagination: a blank character with just an apron and a funny hat.
The hat had to be pink by the way because H. does have a lot of pink around her, I suspect her mum and herself rather like the colour ;) ... I must confess that I do too! 

So there we go.

A garden for a 3yo girl who can play planting vegs and collecting them even on a rainy day, without having to wait for the seeds to grow, and she can even pretend to cook those vegs with her cooking playset! 

I must say that I am rather proud of my achievement :)