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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Little N.'s second birthday!

How time flies! I can hardly believe that my little girl is already two years old! 

And she got loads and loads of presents! You can see there and there what I had prepared. But there was a change of plan. Indeed when packing I realized it was an awful lot. So I kept three small presents for Christmas (two of the pasta boxes and the chocolate box).
The suitcase is part of the present. It is called "Trunki" and is meant to be a hand-luggage on which the children can roll and play while waiting at the airport.We used it already the day after her birthday and she just loved it! It is the perfect luggage to keep children amused while waiting.

One box of pasta, the mini mouse box, the pencil case and a an ice cream set! All that in addition to a small kitchen and all sorts of presents that she got from her two families :) I guess we can say she was spoiled ;)

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