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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Jeans scraps to make toys

I have loads of jeans fabric left overs (old jeans) and I found a great picture on Pinterest of a whale. I love Pinterest, I started using it some time ago in order to easily keep track of some links and ideas. I end up finding a lot of inspiration and free patterns! And you can follow my boards there if you are interested. Anyway! Back to that whale. I've always been a big fan of sea mammals, as a teenager I even wanted to become an oceanograph(ist?) in order to spend time studying them... Needless to say that I never made it ... was never good enough in sciences and maths ;) 
At least now with my small sewing skills I can make whales without even having a pattern, just printing the posted picture and cutting out the pieces, arranging them a little. The rest of the work involved some guessing on how pieces would be best assembled. 

What do you think of the result?

I gave it to my 7 months old baby. He looked a bit dubious at first, but then ended up putting it directly in the mouth which makes me say that he adopted the whale ;)

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