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Monday, 5 August 2013

A toy kitchen

My daughter is very lucky, she has a rather crafty family: grand-mothers knitting and sewing, mother sewing and crafting, grand-fathers "diy-ing"... Look at her early birthday present! She was supposed to get it on her birthday but since we are going on holiday on the next day she wouldn't have been able to play with it. So there:

To learn how to wash-up (without water though!)
She needs oven-dishes, but for now pans will do the trick ;)
The door holds in the closed position thanks to a magnet.
Buttons that can be turned.
 N. cannot reach the upper shelves yet, and she will also need more felt food such as a roast, some potatoes, some fish or chicken, as well as an oven-dish. But on the whole she is already now rather well equiped ;)


  1. WOW!! G. has done a fantastic work there !

    1. yes he has ^^ - N. really loves it! and her little friend had fun too yesterday