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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Travelling toys - N's birthday presents again!

As I have mentionned before, I have been working hard on making little N.'s birthday presents. I am now pleased to say that I am completely done (just working on my niece's present now) and I just need to wrap everything :)

The two themes for her presents are: * felt food and * travelling

Here is what I made to keep her busy when we will be waiting at the airport in August:

* A pencils and note-book case (here is where I got the inspiration from)

 * And a mouse in a tin-box with her teddy bear (here is the link)

 They are not as good looking as on the website I found, but I like them well enough. I must confess that I made them very quickly one morning before my children woke up, i.e. half an hour or so!

I find it very hard to wait until next month to give N. all of her presents! I will show you the last thing only after her birthday so as to not spoil the surprise for her little friend' mother - he is getting the same thing as her... ;)


  1. Oh, Fred... The Mouse and Bear tin is soooo cute. Love it!

  2. I love them!! They're so cute!!
    Il y a longtemps que j'ai bien envie de fabriquer cette petite pencil case, vue de nombreuses fois sur le net...La tienne est vraiment colorée et gaie, parfait pour un petit chouchou comme N.
    Comment s'appelle la petite souris? Moi, si on me l'offrait, je la baptiserai tout de suite, elle est tellement choupi!!!
    Bises et congratulations for your perfect work!!

    1. Thanks Steph :) The mouse doesnt not have a name, any suggestions?