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Monday, 29 July 2013

My first home-made trousers!

My baby boy is almost 7 months old and I don't seem to be able to shake off the few extra kilos that I have left from my pregnancy. It will probably come in due time, I just need to be patient I suppose. On the other hand, I have been wearing pregnancy trousers since January 2011 and they are now unbearable! Loose, with holes and I simply hate the idea of those trousers now! 
BUT! I don't seem to be able to fit in my old trousers at all and in shops I cannot find the right size at all. When they fit on the legs they are too small on the hips, and when they are right on the hips they are waaaaaay to large on the legs. 

My solution: buy fabrics and make my own trousers! The result isn't particularly stylish but hidden by my t-shirts it looks fine... I think. At least they are comfy and I paid less than 20€ everything included.

I made my pattern by undoing my old trousers to get the legs shape and then I fiddled around for the upper part. No time and no brain to think on how to included pockets, so there is none. In Autumn I will need a second pair. Maybe I will give it more thoughts then.

In the meantime I can throw away at least one pair of pregnancy trousers (throw out of my wardrobe but keeping them for fabric recycling obviously!)

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