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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Headband and skirts

Quick projects here and there... I somehow find it difficult to concentrate on the big ones for very long and always end up making small stuff on the side. Anybody else is like this?

My mother-in-law did recycle some of her trouser and when I took a piece of the left-overs and put it on little N.'s head just for fun, I realised it was the right size! Some scraps of blue fabric and tadaaaaaaaam: 
A headband!

Then I made something for myself, long needed! Baby T. is over 6 month old now and I really cannot wear my pregnancy trousers anymore. First because the weather is so hot, and second because they are so old! One does actually have a big hole which renders it completely useless. So I grabbed some old fabric, wanting to make a convertible skirt/dress, but it ended up as a skirt. It was too long and looking weird so I chose to cut of the bottom... and as a final result I got one skirt for myself and two for my daughter!

 And finally I made this little skirt for my darling to wear next month at her brother's baptism. Unfortunately I will not have time to make a shirt to go with it, but nevermind, at least she has this in my favourite colour ;)

It is incredible how much one can get done when 1) both children have reasonable napping times and 2) when one's husband has a whole month of holiday at home!! ^^ I would not manage to make so much without him!! ♥

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