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Friday, 28 June 2013

Preparing Little N.'s birthday presents!

In just a little more than two months, my darling N. will turn two! Time goes by so quickly!
I started some time ago to think about her birthday present(s)... Difficult matter since she already has so many toys. She isn't particularly spoiled but still she has a lot. Anyway, she particularly enjoys cooking and baking with us and she loves her play cooking stuff. So I decided to keep on making her some more!

She is seeing me preparing a lot of things, but she does not realise it is for her yet. She is still too small to ask me. She also cannot use the computer, so there is no risk showing you some of her presents already ;)

The Farfalle aren't new, but the box is. The Tortellini and Tagilatelle are new ones though.

An empty box of chocolate (they were delicious!), some velcro band glued to close the box, and some felt chocolates of all sorts.

 The small chocolates are about 2cm high and 3cm diameter (roughly).

 This is what I have so far, but stay tuned, there is more to come!


  1. I am very impressed! that looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Ben :) Have kids, they'll get some too :p

  2. All together in the box they look amazing!

    1. Thanks Katherine :) I thought so too, I cannot wait to find an occasion to make more of those ^^