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Sunday, 9 June 2013

It is grey outside so let's put some colours inside

It has recently been so grey and rainy that the rivers are flooding in central and eastern Europe. Although the water is now going down a bit, many streets and houses are still flooded.
I must say that there was a huge movement of solidarity. Lessons were learned from the previous flooding in 2002 and people reacted faster and better.

On a more positive note, I have something to show you :) - my sofa cover was dark blue and washable, but not too easily and it was quite long to dry. Having now a daughter climbing with her shoes on it and getting the sofa dirty very quickly, I wanted to have a different cover. With the help of my mother-in-law, here is what I got:
I know the colours are bright, but hey! it is nicer than all dark. Originally I wanted the blue fabric (the one on the cushions), but it was not available on the day we went shopping to Ikea - and in the end I very much prefer the orange one.

How about you? Do you like adding bright colours in your home?

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