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Monday, 10 June 2013

Cooking/Baking Challenge - Session 1

A very good morning to you all!

How would you like to participate to a monthly Baking&Cooking Challenge? I have been participating to a Reading Challenge for about a year now, and I thought it would be just as nice to have a similar challenge in our kitchen!

I often find that I am baking and cooking the same dishes over and over again. With my husband we have tried in the past 8 years to regularly bring ourselves to use a new recipe per months, but we never manage to hold it more than a couple of months at a time. The reading challenge has helped me reading at least one new book every 1 and a half month so maybe it would work better if I had a Challenge and were to write about it once a month? 

So here are the rules:

* Write to me (comment or email) if you want to participate (you do not need to own a blog).
* Once a month we cook or bake one new dish.

* We take pictures and we share the recipe on the 30th of that month.

* We can (and should) write some comments and notes on what worked, what didn't, how we liked the result, how easy the recipe was etc.

* If you have a blog you publish the article on your blog and then give me the link by email or by leaving a comment on my blog. If you DO NOT have a blog, you can send me your article (word or open office doc.) by email (see contact page).

So let's get cooking! Who's in?

End of session 1: 30th of June 2013

(Edit) Participants:

* Ben
* Juliane
* Fred
* Isabel
* Simon

* Ghyslaine

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