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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sensory steps - part 1

On Pinterest last week, I came accross the idea of making sensory steps. I just could not resist the idea of making some myself for Little N. and Baby T. (when he starts crawling). I have 12 planned, four are completely done. The red ones.
I have put quite a bit of work into making them as I would like them to last a while but also to look pleasant. Let's see how it goes after some days of playing with them :)

Step one: Cut your cardboard to the required size

Step two: Tape it to prevent your child from cutting himself (or in our case to protect myself! from injury)

Step three: Paint it (I did four red, four green and four yellow)

Step four: Glue the anti-slide (which Little N. tried to tear off yesterday!)

Step five: Glue whatever you want on top (for the red ones I did: a large block of foam, decorative pebble stones, bottle caps and cut sponges)

Little N. does have small issues with stepping bare-feet on the ground, especially if there are sand, stones, grass or anything uneven. Those sensory steps could very well help her getting better in that respect.


  1. Replies
    1. j'ai trouvé aussi!! Fastoche à faire en plus, ca peut peut-être plaire à ton monstrosaure préféré?

  2. I LOVE the idea! This is perfect!
    And Baby N. looks gorgeous on the pic. love the dress as well ;)

    1. Would it be interesting for the little boy you are regularly playing with?

  3. where did you find your "anti-slide"? And what is it really?

    1. IKEA: it is something you put under rugs or in cupboards

  4. This is such a great idea! I love it and will give it a try for sure!

    Thanks for the inspiration!