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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pin cushions

A couple of months ago, in February to be exact, I received an update from one of the blogs I follow, the Cottage Mama. She was presenting a tutorial to make a ring pin cushion. The idea is fabulous and it looks amazing. The perfect gift for all who like sewing. So I got on making several for my friends and family. I will not explain how, just go and have a look on Lindsay's blog directly. 

The first one I made was for myself, and I realised afterwards that I had not used the right wadding, the needles to go in vertically. I have to pin them sideways. Nevermind really, as long as the pins and needles don't lie around anymore!

 Easy to make, lovely to look at, useful while sewing, those pin cusions are also ideal to use small scraps of fabrics and ribbons that you have lying around as well as to recycle your bottle lids. So we could say that in addition to being adorable, they are environmentally friendly! :)

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