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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Some weeks ago I shared the link to a FB page, Feufollette Créations, it is now a blog because not everybody does have a Facebook account. You can check it out here. I am one of the participants as you can see from the "Dînette" category (felt food). I do not intend to turn into a sale-woman, but I like the idea of helping, from time to time, people who cannot sew but would like some hand-made stuff for their family. My first order was from one of my sisters, M. She has never been able to hold a needle, poor her! She is better with a camera (see her blog here) and she is trying to start working as a professional. She asked me to make some accessories for her photos with babies and children: 35 felt hearts of different sizes and colours.
Sizes (height): 5cm, 7,5cm, 9,5cm, 10,5cm and 12cm
Colours: white, blue, brown, orange, green, yellow and pink
 She didn't want them too plump, and apparently she likes them very much. I am now looking forward to seeing her pictures using the hearts.


  1. Leïla les a trouvés extrêmement jolis et intéressants pour jouer jusqu'à ce que je lui explique que c'était pour faire des photos (elle m'a alors proposé de prendre une photo d'elle en faisant un gros sourire, le grand cœur jaune contre la joue haha !!)
    Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique travail, je suis heureuse de commencer ma collec' d'accessoires avec toi !! gros bisous

    1. Oh oui! Une première photo avec elle :)
      Si elle en veut elle peut passer "commande" pour son anniversaire ;)

  2. Wow...35! That took some time for sure!!! But they really look beautiful. And it was a good choice to make them so flat. They are really cute.