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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Biscuits, Bretzels and sugar

In March I did some salt dough with Little N. but I only just got round to putting some varnish on the objects I made for her play kitchen. Now she has some biscuits and bretzels to play with. They are rather heavy, but it makes a nice change from the felt food. I also cut some foam (a cheap mattress bought two years ago and that I cut to fit the shape of the baby cot) into small rectangles to make sugar for N.'s tea set. That took maybe 2 minutes to make and that looks pretty real. 

She definitely likes what she gets to play with, so it is worth keeping on the good work and making always more and more!


  1. Good Lord that is excellent!
    Will you do the same for my children in the future? ^^

    1. Any time Ben :) but you can also then do it yourself! I can show you ^^