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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Origami Box

As promised some days ago, here are four short videos to show you how to fold the Origami box. The original idea is not from me, I did not invent it, but I wouldn't be able to tell you where to find the written instructions as I learnt how to fold it with my mother-in-law, who learnt it in a craft-group...
Anyway, I hope the videos will be enough to teach you how to do this lovely box. However, if you think that more detailed explanations are needed, please do let me know.
You need 16 square sheets of paper (80g/m³ is the best, under isn't ideal), 8 for the lid, 8 for the bottom. Both sides of the sheets are visible, so I tend to prefer using sheets which are coloured on both sides. You can easily find origami paper online or in your local craft-shop. The ones I use are 10x10cm.
Folding the lid:
Folding the bottom:
Assembling the bottom:
Assembling the lid:   

Now it is your turn to give it a go. I would love to see your boxes afterwards, to leave me a comment with a link to your blog, or simply send me some pictures by email if you don't have a blog!
Have fun!


  1. I tried to take up your challenge, but immediately failed when I tried to cut my origami paper smaller, did a horrible rip job, and then got distracted by something else! Sorry. :-(

    1. Hey Katherine, you don't necessarily need to make your paper smaller as long as it is square it will work out :) Give it a try another time!