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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crème de Roquefort and other things

I did mention before that I would be starting to make cheeses for Little N. Here is the first one: four portions of Roquefort cream cheese (the real ones are delicious if you fancy giving them a try):
Two felt circles plus a band of the right length (didn't measure it to be honest), some wadding and the original labels to stick on the felt. It is really a matter of some minutes!

The following image is to show you what Little N. got at Easter from her french Grand-mother - a small basket (fake leather and cotton fabric):

And while I keep myself busy with making fake food, my lovely husband is busy like a bee in the kitchen making REAL food ^^. This was an attempt at the ratatouille, Disney style (from the Ratatouille film). It didn't turn out as expected but was nevertheless delicious.


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