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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring at home

Around here in the far east of Germany, we still have snow and low temperatures. I have heard that it is the same in England and France. We are all asking the same question: WHEN IS SPRING GOING TO ARRIVE?

Here is a picture that has been going around on Facebook and which made me laugh:

Installation of Spring 2013 3.1
Installation interrupted... please wait.
Installation failed...!! Back to Winter.

Anyway, we went shopping some time last week and I bought a flower pot with Narcissus.
 It is N.'s duty every day to give them a little bit of water (under my supervision as she is still quite clumsy) and she can also touch the flowers and look at how they grow and bloom. 
Now we are waiting for Spring outside, sunshine and warmth will be more than welcome to put a bit of colour on my children's pale cheeks.

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