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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Playing with wooden beads

Little N. is 18 months old, she does like watching and participating when I do some sewing or DIY. So I decided to let her have some beads to play with.

I gave her a tray, an empty bottle and beads. She had a lot of patient fun with them. Later on I also gave her a string and since then she has been practicing putting the string through the beads. That is an excellent exercise to practice precision!



  1. wow wow wow... when did you post all this?! Wonderful camembert, great cards and nice sorting activity. Good idea. And admirable that you manage to do so many things in spite of your little boy and surely little sleep. Well done!

    1. Somehow I had forgotten to publish this comment earlier! Sorry. Not much sleep but a husband who stayed home for two months and helped a lot. I am so lucky! Now I have less time to make things and even less to publish them ^^