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Friday, 22 March 2013

No butter, no eggs...

What do you do when you have a birthday to celebrate (your husband's) but you have no eggs and no butter in the fridge on that day? When the children are not to be taken out because one is ill and there is snow outside? You do what I did: google "cake recipe no egg no butter" and take the simplest one that you find ;)

And you end up with this:
Search your cupboards for remains of chocolate and the cake will look like this:
At first the chocolate was supposed to have time to cool down and become hard before we were to eat it, but with the visit to the doctor my baking schedule was ruined and we ate it like this. It wasn't a big problem anyway! Warm melty chocolate is always so nice!

The cake's official ingredients:
# 2 yaourts natures,
# trois pots de yaourt de farine,
# un pot de yaourt de sucre,
# un sachet de levure chimique,
# un demi pot de yaourt d'huile
and I added: raisins soaked in a remain of rum and chocolate chips.
It did work out and my husband seemed happy with his birthday cake. Job done! :) 


  1. Sans oeufs ? et dans la recette tu en donnes 3 ... hummmm

    1. ah oui oops! J'ai pris la mauvaise recette MDR!

  2. Oh... wow...! Every time I visit your blog I am really shocked how many new post you have written! I feel like I was months away. How do you do this. I haven't published anything since february! (With only one kid by the way).
    Your cake looks really great and I will try it out for sure because my mother in law is allergic to egg white. So, I'm very thankful for the recipe!

    1. Glad I could be of use :)

    2. And as for the quantity of articles, well I keep doing things (just really slowly) and I had some stuff in my waiting-to-be-published folder :)