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Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter decorations

Easter is coming up and Little N. is old enough to make some decorations with a bit of my help. 

We started last week with decorating a polystyrene egg for a small competition at our local "Apotheke" (pharmacist). We got the results two days ago. Little N. was 19th out of at least 30 children. She did not win a big price, but every paricipating child got a small bag filled with some presents which is a lovely idea. We also got the egg back and it is now hanging in our living-room:

We then got on making some cards to send to our families:

Then we painted some hard-boiled eggs:

And finally we made some more polystyrene eggs to give as presents:

Here is a picture showing everything that we have been using to make the eggs (actually we used pretty much the same materials for the cards):

Little N. rather liked making all of this but by the end of it she got fed up. We did the different things over several days but it still seemed to be asking for a little too much concentration. I guess I need to learn to adapt to her rather than do as much as I want to be done.

And to finish on Easter decorations, I am forwarding you to a previous post to show you our Easter mobile

Would love to get new ideas for next year, does anybody have suggestions? Little N. will then be 2 and a half, and Baby T. 1 yo.


  1. You did a lot! I think at 2.5 it is fun to draw on eggs with white crayons/clear paraffin, and then to dye them and see the patterns magically come out. You could also make a paper mache egg if N doesn't mind messy fingers.

    1. Hi Katherine, my mother-in-law had suggested the same but with wax. Papier-mâché is also a nice idea, I don't think N. will mind at all. I just need to wait until she is able to shape things herself. We tried salt dough but she cannot make shapes yet.