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Saturday, 2 March 2013


Who does not know this deliciously smelly french cheese? Some people like it young, some prefer to leave it for weeks in their fridge... And some other people make some themselves for their daughter and nieces to play with. I am of the third kind ;)

I have only made one so far, but I am planning on making another two in the near future. I will first need to find a more appropriate colour for the inside part of the cheese. This first attempt isn't perfect, but I rather like it nevertheless. I hope my niece will like it! Her mother told me that her small pleasure is to get a piece of camembert from her dad at the end of a meal. So I take it she likes camembert and will be pleased to have one for her toy kitchen.

 There are many tutorials on the internet about making camembert, I do not link any though because I made it on my own, thinking with my own little brain ;)


  1. Now I realize that my daughter, who loves Brie and other cheeses, does not have any good cheese in her play kitchen. I love that it all goes in the saved box, I am always wanting to keep those!

    1. I am planning on more cheeses, so keep an eye on coming articles ^^ I am just waiting for new felt sheets.

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