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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Activity with a toddler, first time with glue

We are just about to go on a one-week holiday, so I am just very quickly writing a couple of articles :)

Last week I had some spare time but it was far from being a nice weather outside, so we decided to stay home. Little N. was getting a bit restless and bored, so I decided to come up with some DIY.

Two polystyrene balls of different sizes, pieces of felt and other material, two small eyes, toothpicks, something to make a stand and some glue.

The snowman isn't finished, it still needs a scarf and some paint on the bottom part, but nevertheless here is the result we got:
 N. did enjoy the activity but was a bit puzzled by the glue at first. She kept on wipping her hands every two minutes, but eventually she just kept going until the end. The most difficult part is to make her understand that we have to stop and wait until the glue dries. She dislikes interrupting an activity and having to wait!

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