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Friday, 29 March 2013

A bag to go to mass [Swap - part 1]

Some time ago now I received a bag for Little N.'s mass books. Soraya from Les Facéties de Louis-Marie made it for us and I just love it!

I gave her the "instructions" on how to make it so as to look like the ones I made last summer. My machine does not do embroidery which is the reason why I asked Soraya if she could do it for me, she had some patterns which I really liked.

Here it is:
Now, my lovely blog-friend said that I did not need to send anything back to her because she likes to make presents, but I also love making small things to people I like and I found recently the perfect idea! I just hope she will enjoy it once I get round to making it and sending it ^^
In the meantime Little N. will be inaugurating her bag on Easter Sunday. Thanks a lot Soraya! :)

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