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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Finally I get back to my blog after several weeks of scheduled posts. I have been fairly busy - well, I still am but now things are settling down a bit at home. Mid-january little N. got a brother. Baby T. is a big and healthy boy and we are now a happy family of four.
My posting  might still be a bit scattered in the next months, but bear with me, I'll be productive again as soon as possible :)
So what do I have to show today? Doll's clothing, cardigans and beans.

First of all here is what my mother-in-law, H., knitted for little N. (the one with sleeves for Christmas 2011, the other one for Cfristmas 2012- but they both fit now)
She also knitted a cardigan for N.'s doll with the same wool, but I still need to make a picture of it. Soon...
Since we are looking at clothing, here is what H. and I made:
 I cut the fabrics and built the hat and the dress in the last weeks of my pregnancy, but H. did the sewing. First because I could not sit comfortably enough at the machine and second because we had no available space on the table because of the Christmas decorations.
The patterns were found on this website and printed with a different scale (30cm doll : 71% if memory serves). The back of the dress is closed with a press-stud.

And finally the beans... Nothing edible, just to pretend :) I made those shortly after the eggs, tomatoes and pasta but did not get round to showing them.

That's it for today. Writing with one hand, carrying sleepy Bbay T. on the other arm, I cannot say as much as I would like but I hope you will forgive me!
Oh! one last thing: you still have several days to go and vote for your favourite picture(s)! mine is the 4th :-p 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Preparing a dowry? ;)

As I mentioned in my previous post, little N.'s french grand-mother made her a lovely Christmas present (in addition to a very interesting smelling-book - chocolate, vanilla, mint etc.): 
* A reversible table cloth with matching napkins for N.'s play-table:
  * A basket (reversible) with handles which accomodates perfectly the tray of plastic cutlery:
 * A smaller basket which hasn't yet got any specific use:
* And finally a shopping bag (still reversible):
 Doesn't it all look perfect and appealing? Little N. is having a great time making use of those. She has quite a perfect little kitchen already!