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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Felt food to fill little N.'s empty plates

For Christmas little N. got a lot of presents, some things for her dolls, books, some clothes, but mainly a play cooking and tea-set! She just loves them and since then we (the parents) have had to do a lot of pretend-drinking and eating. It is lovely to watch her play and pretend to be mixing stuff in her small glasses, pretend to be eating from her plate... But after a couple of days I became quite frustrated to seeing her doing it in the emptiness, so I took some felt, thread, needle and scissors and within 1h15 I made her about thirty farfalle of different colours (orange: carrot, green: hmmm let's say beans, brown: cereals, and yellow for the traditional egg pasta). It looks like it makes the game even funnier, so I will be making some more things for her (some lettuce, some different pasta, some tomatoes etc.). I just need a bit of time. Farfalle are the simplest and fastest pasta to sew.

Here are a couple of pictures:
  Actually I see something on that picture that will deserve another article. My mother made little N. a very nice set of reversible things for her play-table (such as table cloth and napkins for instance). But as I said, I will come back to that later.

You may have noticed in the sauce pan some things looking like green peas. That is simply a very long necklace which I bought some years ago in England for a costume party (hence the surprising green colour which I would not wear otherwise). At the moment I haven't decided whether I want to cut it in smaller strings so that it can be shared between several plates, or if I leave it as a necklace... But it does anyway make a great toy for the cooking set and little N. spends quite a while mixing them in the pan :)
The cooking set (metal pans, wooden spoons, rolling-pin etc.) can actually be used for real cooking. I am looking forward to getting little N. to make some small cooking with her own ustensils!

The next day I decided to make two fried eggs, and a day later I made four tomato slices... Little by little my young lady is going to have a lot of food to feed her little playmate and her dolls!


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  1. So, so cute. I really have to start with felted food myself. I want to finish Lucas' Playkitchen for Easter and these little treats are great crafts to make in front of the tv on the evenings. Unfortunately there aren't many of those evenings at the moment, but you've really inspired me to start with some felted food on my own!

    1. You should definitely give it a go! The eggs for instance just take 10 minutes at most! Same for the pasta, they are so very easy to make. The tomatoes did take a little while longer but that wasn't too bad. I also made some green beans which are not shown yet. Next project will be a camembert and some cake pieces :)

  2. It looks sooooo yummy :D please please pleeeease, a girl ! I wanna do that to ^^

    1. Soraya, je suis sûre que ton fils serait ravi de faire à manger comme Maman (ou Papa?)! ;)