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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 8 : Non-edible Gingerbread

Fleece, wadding, thread, buttons and rick-rack band, here are the ingredients for my Gingerbread persons. The following one is for a little boy who is a dear! Size of the cushion/toy: about 50-60cm! I can tell you that filling it with wadding is quite a task, it took absolute ages. But well, as long as the boy likes his present, I don't mind the time spent preparing it :)
I know it has some defects, the head looks a little strange, the mouth as well... but in my defense it is not always easy to make something really regular when having Little N. on my laps insisting on helping me (I made the "mistake" of showing her how to place her hands on the fabric to make it go under the machine's needle). Since this Gingerbread man is for a friend, I guess it makes it ok then.


For one of my two nieces I made a much smaller gingerbread girl, she is about 20cm long which is alright (I think) for a nine months old baby :) Now, my sister does not really like pink, but I hope she will forgive me for making it so, the other colours I had were not nice enough for a girl and the blue was already almost gone in the other gingerbread person. Hopefully Baby M. will like it despite (see last image) the wobbly head.
 I just had a gingerbread man shape to use as pattern but I decided to make the arms and legs go a little deeper and to have the neck thinner (more curves to sew but nevermind)... MISTAKE! Had I left the neck as it originally was, I probably would not have had the wobbly head problem. Ah well... lesson learned for next time!

And the idea with both characters was to avoid making them look too Christmassy, especially for the boy's because in Germany Gingerbread is almost automatically associated with Christmas (it is much less the case in France, especially since the films "Shrek" came out).

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