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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 7 : Tea for two cousins

If you remember in Summer I made this for my niece and my goddaughter. The plan is to get the same set done for Little N. for a second birthday (next summer). In the meantime she got a play tea-set for Christmas so I got her tea-tin ready at the same time as I got her cousin's made.

 So here we are, tea-time for two cousins who unfortunately cannot play together so often as they live some 1400 km apart...

P.S: if explanations are needed on how I made the tea-bags, just ask!

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  1. I ask! I love it. I found a book with plenty of felt things to made by oneself: it was so cute and there wasn't only things to eat, but also tools, medical instruments, and so on...
    I didn't buy it and I regret now...
    Maybe this book still wait for me in the shop I found it in...?
    Love from France and soon an e-mail...
    Reply to your last comment another comment!!