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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 6 : A doll carrier

I hope you will forgive my lack of English vocabulary but the translations I could find for "couffin" (French) and "Tragetasche" (German) were not satisfying. But nevermind, here is one of Little N.'s Christmas presents:

 With the coming of our new baby, Little N. might be wanting to imitate a certain number of activities - such as carrying HER baby(ies) in this carrier, changing nappies, giving bath etc. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to make different pieces of clothing, nor nappies, nor a changing mat, but at least for now she has the carrier, a doll-bathtub, towel and cleaning glove. That should keep her happy and busy for a while ;)

I agree that the carrier should have had thinner straps, that the straps should have been closer to each other and that I probably should have used a more rigid fabric. But well, in my defense I made it fairly quickly and with a pattern which I invented and made-up as I went... Next time I will do better :)

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