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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 5 : A Clock

When seeing all of the posts that are ready to be published (all scheduled), I can hardly believe how much I actually manage to make this year (writing in dec. 2012) for Christmas! It takes a bit of time and energy, but I think I will do it again next year IF the people receiving the presents enjoy them obviously.

This particular present was for my beloved husband, not a mathematician but a physicist... all the same to me ;) scientists! I had seen an image of a "Maths Clock" online and thought it would be a nice idea, but ouch! they are expensive!! So I decided to make one myself and paid a little amount for a clock, dismantled it, replaced the back sheet, let my daughter decorate it and put everything in place again. Fairly simple really.
At first I was about to use the same formulas and calculations as on the clock I had seen online, but after checking with a dear scientist friend of mine (thank you so much again J.!!) there were some mistakes and apparently some of the calculations were repetitive and boring... I believed her without checking myself (I am much more of the literary type). She suggested that I should find better ones, but I could only think of basic multiplications, substractions etc. So she very generously offered to help and managed to get me something looking pretty good. 

Shall I stop writing and show you some pictures?
The background was not removable, so I painted over the numbers in white.
Here are the "fun" equations, calculations, numbers etc.
After letting little N. do her work (with a bit of help for the centre part)
And the final result, hopefully we will have a happy Daddy ;)
I have been wanting to make a clock for Little N.'s room for a while now, that will be the next clock on the list I suppose, but not to be started nor achieved before at least March 2013!
Anyway, what do you think of that one?

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