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Friday, 11 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 4 : A photo album

One of my sisters is gone to Ireland for the year. Unfortunately she cannot carry much in her luggage and had to leave a lot of her belongings at home. Living myself abroad I know how difficult it can be to be away from family and friends, so I decided to make her a very small album where she can put her favourite pictures (potentially replacing the ones I have put already) and therefore not feel quite so far away and lonely (although I think she is mostly having fun!).
The idea is not from me, my mother-in-law bought a similar album from a market - if I remember well - so I cannot give you references. I just measured it and had a good look at it in order to be able to produce something similar.
Here are some pictures:
and here are the dimensions of the needed cardboards and papers: 
*2 pieces of decorated rigid cardboard = 12,5 x 17 cm [I did not have already nicely decorated cardboard, so I glued some yellow paper on it, and covered with a piece of foam paper on the outside. The decoration does not look great, but I have to confess that I lacked time and imagination to do something better.]

*strong paper (in France I would have used Canson sheets of paper) = 94 x 16 cm. It is to be noted that I did not have enough paper to get the required length, so my album is shorter than the original one and therefore containing less pictures (10 instead of 12). 

You then need to fold the paper in the shape of an accordeon every 11,5 cm - so if you have the requiered 94 cm, you fold it 8 times I believe obtaining a side with 8 photos and one with 6 (the two ends being glued to the cardboard).

It is very easy to make and I shall be making one for myself at some point in the near future because it is also a very practical way to carry around a sample of pictures you want to show to your friends or family when you go visiting :)

If anybody reading this blog more or less regularly is making this album too, I would love to see the pictures!

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