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Monday, 7 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 3 : A Mice Game

The very first time I visited my future parents-in-law, we played a GDR game: "Mäuschen, Gib acht!". The rules are fairly simple: one person holds a small container and rolls a dice when everybody is ready, the others place their mice in the middle of the playing area, holding them by the tail. Then when a 6 appears, all mice try to save themselves from the cat who is trying to catch them... Big fun even for adults!
In the same year, or the year after, my parents-in-law (well still to-be) gave me the game to take it to France and play with my family. It was a big hit especially with my younger brother. But I took the game back with me and they haven't been able to play since. 

This year then, I decided to make a copy of the game rather than buy one on Ebay (could have done though, the ones you find on Ebay are original ones!). I searched for a quick easy mouse pattern and found this one, which I transformed slightly in order to get smaller and thinner mice (about 5 cm long and 2,5 cm wide). As per usual, while making them I cursed myself for always making things smaller than the original pattern and therefore getting achy fingers afterwards - I do get pretty tense and stiff when I work on small things!

 The original game:

 And the new one:
 I am hoping several things: first that my brother is going to enjoy it as much as he did before, second that the tails will hold!

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  1. Again: Adorable. You are becoming a great felt artist! We had a similar game as childs. The die was a colour die and the little dogs in our case were coloured, too. So you had to catch the diced colour. It was called "Spitz, pass auf!". So, very similar. Well, done!

    1. Oh yes, I've seen that game too. Maybe that could be the next project! Although I would need to check how to make dogs... or make coloured mice.

  2. Wonderful work! I loved this game too.
    Here I have a shabby version of the game: