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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas presents - part 2 : House-shoes

Yet another programmed post, it is after Christmas now, so I can finally show what I have been making in November! Part of my work where house-shoes! After making four pairs in a row, I have decided to stop making some for a while ... well until Little N. needs the upper size really. I have talked about shoes already before here, here and here :) and you will also find the link to the website where I got the pattern from.

For two sisters (my nieces):
I just hope Little L. and M. do like them (and their parents too!). At least on thing is sure: they should not get cold feet this winter! 
The "G" and "D" stand for "gauche" and "droite", meaning left and right for those who do not speak any French. The smallest pair is not meant for a walking child (size 9 months), but in case the little one starts crawling and standing a bit early, I thought it would be better to be on the safe side and use some of that anti-sliding liquid I talked about before (Sock-Stop).

For two brothers (mine):
 Those two pairs were less easy to make because of the sizes (30 and 39!), I needed bigger socks for the soles but it is feasable. You might have noticed that the green pair looks a bit different underneath. That is because I could not get more Sock-stop in the shop, but got ABS-socks (or something like this) instead. It smells less horrid, seems to dry faster, now I can only tell you about the anti-sliding quality after they have been worn a bit. I will try to remember getting back to you about that (if anyone is interested really). 
As for the colours, I probably haven't made a mistake - I know those boys and what they like ;)

And just for fun I collected all the shoes I have made so far (save one which is packed and in the basement):

 Doesn't that look nice?

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  1. La vache le boulot ! On réalise vraiment en voyant la photo de toutes les paires :)

    Ma grande aime beaucoup ses chaussons (pour dire, on a réussi à enfin lui faire oublier ses chaussons "Oui-Oui" qui devenaient trop petits).
    Je me demandais....(bon, faut avouer que je n'ai pas tout compris à l'anglais lol) : avec quoi tu as fait les bandes rugueuses en dessous?

  2. ouh la! c'est un sacré compliment que mes chaussons lui aient fait oublié les oui-oui!!!!
    les bandes rugueuses sont un gel qui sèche à l'air, je ne sais pas quelles marques tu trouves en France. J'ai oublié (ou pas?) de te dire que ca se lave normalement à 40°C sans problème mais j'ai tendance à les laver à 30°C et en programme délicat et dans un filet pour préserver la polaire.
    Quant au boulot: je dois avouer qu'à la fin je ne voulais plus entendre parler de chaussons!!! Prochaine paire quand ma fille en aura vraiment besoin ;) il me faut une pause!

  3. Non non tu m'avais bien précisé ! en général je lave les vêtements des petites à 30° (sauf en cas de débordements divers). Le gel est top en tout cas, ça tient bien et ça fait bien son office : Leïla ne se gaufre plus que quand elle enlève ses chaussons en vraie rebelle.

  4. génial! tu me diras combien de temps ca tient! je ne me rends pas encore bien compte de la quantité qu'il faut vraiment utiliser pour que ca dure.

  5. You have made a lot of shoes!

  6. Yes I have Katherine, a lot of work but it was worth it as every owner seems to be happy with them ^^

  7. Wow. What a hard working crafter you are! :-)

    1. By the end of it though, I was fed up with shoes ;)