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Monday, 19 November 2012

Photo/Picture albums for a toddler

Good morning everybody,

I am sorry for not posting so very regularly, but I am currently preparing all my Christmas presents (so that I can have a quiet December) and unfortunately cannot show you yet what I am crafting. I am programming a series of articles though that will be published from after Christmas, possibly until end of January to keep this blog going for a little while after I will have had my second baby :)

So, in the meantime I will try to show you a few things that I am quickly making for my little girl. I have mentionned before (I think) that I have a box full of papers that need sorting. I did the sorting per year, now I need to go through them... That will probably be one of my big plans for 2013! In that box I found a small book with blank pages and a large amount of pretty pictures which I have been gathering since... hmmm... since before teenage I think for some of them! My plan has always been to gather them into a book to make a nice picture-book. Finally I got on doing it! Taking advantage of my daughter's naps, I cut and glued most of the pictures and tadaaaaam, now Little N. does have another picture-book to look at.

Yes, some of the pictures are very random!
  Another thing which I found was a calendar from 2010 which my husband had given me as Christmas present back then. It contained pictures of us, of food that we had cooked and some other pretty pictures. The calendar was spiral-bound and the pictures were nicely on the left side, while the dates were on the right. I always find it hard to throw away things... so I took my scissors, cut the calendar in half to keep only the picture part. Also managed to cut the spiral-binding and then I also added a few more pictures (still need to add a couple). Little N. has been looking through that album a great deal. She often comes to me in order to practice saying the names of the people she sees, finally she calls me "Maman" more often!

What do you think? Easily and quickly done and you are recylcing rather than throwing away, plus you can make your child happy for less money!


  1. What a joly good idea! I love it! You're always so inventive! Congratulations for all the things you've done!
    Love from France!
    PS (mes cours d'anglais démarrent mardi! Hope I'll improve it!)

  2. Hey Steph, thanks for your comment! Your lessons will be profitable of course, but I dare say that you don't need them desperatly :)