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Monday, 5 November 2012

House-shoes to keep warm inside

Little N. is growing fast. Before Summer I had made her some house-shoes which are now far too small. With Winter coming I decided to make them with fleece and a nice cosy thick cotton inside. They actually look so nice and cosy that I've had some orders in the meantime!
 Since little N. is now walking properly, I wanted to make them "anti-slide" and used something called "Sock-stop" - a sort of liquid which you put on your fabric, let dry and then your shoes don't slide anymore. Except that after twenty minutes of N. wearing them, I started gathering small pieces from the ground! I was very disappointed and could not understand why it did not work (it had worked on the guest-felt shoes). My theory is that the fabric I used for the sole was not absorbing enough. So I tried later on (for the next shoes) on old socks: it worked!
 So here are the soles of three of the four new pairs I am currently sewing. You will not see the final result before the 26th of December (at the earliest) though since they are meant to be Christmas presents!

Regarding my daughter's shoes, they do slide a bit so I will probably make an anti-slide sock stripe to fix on her currents soles. Let's see how it goes :)


  1. Wow, Fred! Now you have a run! So many post in such a short time! I'm impressed! Seriously, well done. I like the winter adjustment for the pushchair.
    I guess, after the long summer crafting time is back again - really good for our crafting to-do-lists. When I have some spare time I'll answer your mail.

  2. Waow! J'aimerais trop avoir les mêmes, moi qui ai toujours les pieds glacés l'hiver!! Je crois que tes présents de Noël vont faire des heureux! Bravo pour cette bonne idée.

  3. Cristina: I am planning more posts, but also writing some and scheduling their publication for after Christmas ;) I am trying to make the most of it before the baby arrives and before I set my sewing-machine aside for a couple of months.

    Steph: je ne vais pas proposer de t'en faire, je vais manquer de matériel et de temps. Par contre je peux demander à mon mari quel pourcentage imprimer et tu peux de les faire toi-même. C'est juste un coup de main à prendre et après on les fait à la chaine. Dis moi si ca t'intéresse. Bisous

  4. PS pour Steph: il faut juste que tu me donnes ta taille :D et si ca intéresse ton mari et tes enfants, idem

  5. Waow, c'est trop sympa, mais ça peut attendre, avec tout ce que tu as déjà à faire!! Le patron me suffira si tu peux me le faire parvenir (?) et je me débrouillerai! En tout cas merci pour ta gentillesse!

  6. Alors c'est simple, le patron tu peux l'imprimer toi-même, je l'ai trouvé sur le site Petit Citron , si tu ne veux pas te créer d'identifiant sur le site, re-dis le moi et je t'envoie les pdf par email.

  7. I'm a huge fan of the slippers with English or French letters to say right/left-droite/gauche !
    That's a great idea !

  8. Thanks Ben *sigh* I guess I might have to make some more next year then? ;)
    I just finished my last pair of the year, size 39... So if you want a pair, then maybe I can make you one when you return to France, with lighter fabrics to make them "summer" slippers.
    Oh and by the way on little N.'s orange slippers that was "Recht" and "Links" but luckily that works out in English too :D