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Monday, 19 November 2012

Photo/Picture albums for a toddler

Good morning everybody,

I am sorry for not posting so very regularly, but I am currently preparing all my Christmas presents (so that I can have a quiet December) and unfortunately cannot show you yet what I am crafting. I am programming a series of articles though that will be published from after Christmas, possibly until end of January to keep this blog going for a little while after I will have had my second baby :)

So, in the meantime I will try to show you a few things that I am quickly making for my little girl. I have mentionned before (I think) that I have a box full of papers that need sorting. I did the sorting per year, now I need to go through them... That will probably be one of my big plans for 2013! In that box I found a small book with blank pages and a large amount of pretty pictures which I have been gathering since... hmmm... since before teenage I think for some of them! My plan has always been to gather them into a book to make a nice picture-book. Finally I got on doing it! Taking advantage of my daughter's naps, I cut and glued most of the pictures and tadaaaaam, now Little N. does have another picture-book to look at.

Yes, some of the pictures are very random!
  Another thing which I found was a calendar from 2010 which my husband had given me as Christmas present back then. It contained pictures of us, of food that we had cooked and some other pretty pictures. The calendar was spiral-bound and the pictures were nicely on the left side, while the dates were on the right. I always find it hard to throw away things... so I took my scissors, cut the calendar in half to keep only the picture part. Also managed to cut the spiral-binding and then I also added a few more pictures (still need to add a couple). Little N. has been looking through that album a great deal. She often comes to me in order to practice saying the names of the people she sees, finally she calls me "Maman" more often!

What do you think? Easily and quickly done and you are recylcing rather than throwing away, plus you can make your child happy for less money!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A celebration...

For those who have not visited this blog yet: Ecole et Bricole, it is high time to do so! Steph is celebrating the first birthday of her blog by very generously giving a present to the person who will be chosen by an innocent hand (her daughter's). All you have to do is to leave a comment saying that you want to participate on this page before the 30th of November at midnight (French time). I would advise those not living in France to ask her in your comment if she would send the surprise to your country.
Now good luck to all participants!
À nouveau un article traduit en français! Steph, une copine de blog d'Ecole et Bricole, s'apprête à fêter la première année de son blog et offre un cadeau surprise pour l'occasion lors d'un tirage au sort (c'est la main innocente de sa fille qui choisira). Tout simplement, visitez son blog et laissez un commentaire sur cet article en particulier pour annoncer votre participation. Si toutefois vous n'êtes pas en France métropolitaine, je vous suggère de vérifier avec elle que l'envoi peut se faire dans votre pays.
Voilà! Bonne chance à tous!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Pour le plaisir de la photo

I don't know if some of you have noticed but in my list of "Blogs I follow" a new link has appeared "Pour le plaisir de la photo" (For the pleasure of photography). It belongs to one of my sisters who has recently acquired a very good camera (I am longing to get something similar but that will wait a little bit longer) and has been making some pretty good shots! She is trying to show what she is doing on this blog: Pour le plaisir de la photo and you can also find her on Facebook. Her long term goal is to take event and family pictures (in France). So have a look at her work so far and let us know what you think. I think she definitely deserves some encouragement! Look at this kitten, isn't it perfectly adorable?

Exceptionellement je traduis mon message en français.

Je ne sais pas si vous avez remarqué mais dans la liste des blogs que je suis, un nouveau lien a fait son apparition "Pour le plaisir de la photo". Il appartient à une de mes soeurs qui a récemment fait l'acquisition d'un très bon appareil photo (aaaah si seulement je pouvais en avoir un pareil!) et depuis elle fait de plutôt beaux clichés! Elle essaye de montrer ce qu'elle fait sur ce blog: Pour le plaisir de la photo et vous pouvez aussi la retrouver sur Facebook. Son but sur le long terme est de montrer ce qu'elle sait faire et parvenir à faire des photographies pour la famille, pour les événements (en France). Donc jettez un oeil sur son travail et dites-nous ce que vous en pensez. Je crois qu'elle mérite des encouragements. Regardez-moi ce chaton! N'est-il pas adorable?

Monday, 5 November 2012

House-shoes to keep warm inside

Little N. is growing fast. Before Summer I had made her some house-shoes which are now far too small. With Winter coming I decided to make them with fleece and a nice cosy thick cotton inside. They actually look so nice and cosy that I've had some orders in the meantime!
 Since little N. is now walking properly, I wanted to make them "anti-slide" and used something called "Sock-stop" - a sort of liquid which you put on your fabric, let dry and then your shoes don't slide anymore. Except that after twenty minutes of N. wearing them, I started gathering small pieces from the ground! I was very disappointed and could not understand why it did not work (it had worked on the guest-felt shoes). My theory is that the fabric I used for the sole was not absorbing enough. So I tried later on (for the next shoes) on old socks: it worked!
 So here are the soles of three of the four new pairs I am currently sewing. You will not see the final result before the 26th of December (at the earliest) though since they are meant to be Christmas presents!

Regarding my daughter's shoes, they do slide a bit so I will probably make an anti-slide sock stripe to fix on her currents soles. Let's see how it goes :)