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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Update on my unfinished projects!

If you remember I posted some time ago about "unfinished projects", well I have finally managed two out of the whole list (haven't dared to count them to be honest!)

First of all, a sort of a cross between a traditional bib and a table cloth, let's look at the pics before explaining more.
 Little N. is now at a stage where she wants to eat alone but does not master the art of using cuttlery yet... Every parent knows what I am talking about. I was getting a little bit fed up of having to gather all the food on the ground though (especially now that I am in my 8th month of pregnancy), so I decided to use some oilcloth, some pieces cut from a towel to soften the top edges and I made this half-bib-half-table cloth thing. It works great!
Just a remark though, oilcloth is rather a nightmare to sew if there is nothing to make it slide nicely under the sewing-machine.

The second finished project is the album gathering all the cards, emails and sms that we received for little N.'s birth. It will be nice for her to look at it when she is grown.

 Just needing to get on with the rest now, but I have faith especially after today's feat of finishing a whole project in just a few hours!

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