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Friday, 26 October 2012

Painting with a toddler

Little N. is very fond of drawing with her pencils, and I recently decided to try painting with different tools: a big brush, an old toothbrush (good thing that she cannot reach for ours nor hers!) and a sponge cut into 6 smaller pieces. Oh! I almost forgot the most used tool: her hands and fingers!

To protect her clothes (well actually just the body) I used an old short sleeves t-shirt from her Dad's and had three steps:
- Step 1 was to shorten the t-shirt without cutting it so that it can "grow" with her.
- Step 2 was to cut two small holes in each sleeve.
- Step 3 was to insert an elastic band through the holes and sew the two ends together. 

The idea of the elastic band being that the sleeve is maintained properly around little N.'s arms, preventing the paint from going all over her.

After the first use I came to realise that I do need to add a fourth step: add an elastic band through the neck part too, this way it will not hang too much anymore.


And then you have the pride of displaying your child's first artwork on your fridge ^^

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