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Saturday, 11 August 2012

The work of a day

Finally I take the time to write a post, it is about time! Especially since I am going on holiday very soon and will not be able to post anything (apart from scheduled articles) for a whole month!
Several projects have been on for a month now. One that I cannot show you yet as the result is a present for two lovely girls who are turning two this summer. The other things I can talk about and post pictures :)

 A summer sleeping-bag
Days have been pretty hot for weeks now, nights too. Baby N. has been so warm and sweating so much that I finally decided to make her a very very light sleeping-bag. I had tried to make her sleep simply in her body, but just like her mother she needs something to cover her otherwise she sleeps badly. So, I simply copied out the shape of her sleeping-bag on an old bed sheet, drawing the contours with a piece of chalk that I have found in my Grandma's sewing-box. Cut out the three pieces, fixed them together, trimming in the inside with notching scissors (hoping it is the right word). I fixed bias tape around the arms and the neck and for the very first time in three years I MANAGED without making a mess on either side!!! I am SO PROUD of myself ^^. As you can see on the pictures though, I started the zipper far too low, which makes that she could get out of the sleeping-bag if she got the idea of doing it (I am not telling her!). When I have a little time available, I will probably fix some buttons or something to close the top part better.


A sleeping Mask
Now, this one wasn't done by me, I only participated in the finishing outside seam. My young cousin, J. (14 yo), visited us for almost a month and she got on helping me with some sewing projects and this mask is her very first attempt at the sewing-machine. I would say she did a pretty good job. Don't you think?
We got the pattern and explanations from this blog.
 Baby shoes
In this post, I have already shown home-made shoes. This time I needed bigger ones but I also wanted them to be stronger. I have recently ordered a lot of things from VBS, among which a bag of 500gr of leather remains. So I decided to attempt making leather shoes. At first I thought the sewing-machine would not be strong enough, but it did go fairly well. It just took me almost three times the expected time (which was two hours on the pattern). And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't quite just the work of one day since I finished the second one on the next day. I made a mistake on the second shoe and was too annoyed to finish straight away (was also far too tired and it was dinner time).
The yellow marks on the soles are antislips that you simply iron on your fabrics.

And finally after so much hard work, our hands and eyes were aching and my lovely husband prepared for us this delicious tomato, mozarella and basil salad. It was so refreshing and tasty! I dare say that we deserved it :)


  1. Hey great shoes. I didn't have the heart to try it yet. I usually buy them and think... huh, this looks easy! But I've never tried. And where do you get those great iron-on patches? Our shoes are often slippery so that it would be great.
    Thanks and have a nice weekend. Cristna

  2. Guten Morgen Cristina! You should definitely give the shoes a try, maybe first with normal cotton fabric to get the hang of it. As for the stoppers I got them in Karstadt (don't know if you've got one next to your place too), but I also used for our adult guest-shoes some gel . It smells horrible, so I would recommend doing it in front of an open window (even possibly outside if the weather permits). So far it seems ok but then the shoes aren't really used soooo...I cannot tell whether it is a great thing or not. The stoppers on N.'s shoes seem to be pretty good though. A lovely weekend to you too!