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Saturday, 25 August 2012

My first swap :)

Some weeks ago I was searching for recipes containing "Carambar" (French sweets). In my web-travels I found this blog: École et Bricoles hold by a French primary school teacher, Steph. It all started with me leaving a couple of comments, carried on with Steph sending me those lovely home-made soaps:
 I am very pleased because my hands (usually quite sensitive to new soaps) did not react at all, quite the contrary, after using this soap they are quite nice and soft.
Anyway, since then we have been getting on knowing each other a bit more via emails and I have put together some things to send her next week:
- A recipe (translated in French from my blog)
- A guide of my town
- A kit to make a felt-doughnut
I hope she (and her family) will enjoy it!

 I actually still have two more swaps in mind with Rachael from Little Red Farm and with Cristina from Yencamade. One would be a cultural swap, Rachael asked me to talk a bit about the country where I live. The other one still remains to be decided :)
I do like the idea of exchanging ideas, objects etc. with other people from other countries! Thanks a lot Steph for my first swap experience!

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  1. Je suis ravie aussi d'avoir fait ta connaissance par l'intermédiaire de ce swap qui était aussi mon premier!! Toute ma famille est ravie de tes petits cadeaux et il nous trotte des envies de voyage à Dresden depuis! Mille merci et à bientôt!
    Now, translation!!
    I'm happy to know you thanks to this swap, which was my first too!All the family fancies your presents and we'd love to travel to Dresden since! Thanks a lot and write soon! Love, Steph