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Saturday, 11 August 2012

A new game

A friend of mine used to work in a Kindergarten and she told me of a very simple game that became a huge hit among the children: a simple box with lid, the lid slightly cut open and some corks. The children then just have to push the corks through the lid and make them fall down in the box. It sounded just like the kind of thing Baby N. would love and I happened to have the appropriate material to make it. So there it is:
 Time required to make it? Hmmm... let's think: about 5 seconds to get the box, another 10 seconds to gather the corks, maybe a minute to wash them properly (they are doomed to be put in Baby N.'s mouth at some point, without the taste of wine is better). Then maybe another 10 seconds to get the cutter, 30 seconds to cut the lid open... Soooo that brings us to a grand total of (drum rolls!) 1'55'' :) I bet we can all spare that much time to make a toy for our children, can't we?
Baby N. tends to find it boring to put them one at a time, so she practices pushing three or four together. She also seems to think that lifting one corner up is a lot easier... Something tells me that the plastic lid isn't going to last very long, but nevermind. As long as she is having fun :)

Incidentally: once the box filled with the corks, show your child how much noise it makes, that should delight him/her and the corks will not be flying around thanks to the closed lid.


  1. Wow! What a big girl N. is already! And great idea by the way. Tomorrow I'll try out a cardboard box in which I'll cut some slots to sort waterbottle caps. Perhaps N. likes it too. Today I made this shooter: It was fun.
    Hope you're enjoying summer.
    Greets, Cristina

  2. The slots for bottle caps is also a good idea, but I am afraid N. would put them in her mouth so I am avoiding giving her that sort of smallish things at the moment. The other thing I checked before giving her the game was whether there was a risk for her to cut herself with the plastic or the inside of the box. The answer being no, she was allowed to play with it ;)
    The shooter looks fun, I bet my brothers would love the idea!